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06 May 2011 @ 06:53 am
[FIC] TYL!1818 Series: Strawberry  
 Title/Prompt/Theme: Strawberry
Author: utahime_sama
Rating: K
Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Pairing: TYL!1818, TYL!Hibari Kyoya x Hibari Kyoya
Warnings: Selfcest
Link to previous: Questions

A/N: Happy Birthday to Hibari Kyoya! And so I present a short birthday fic for my favourite couple, which I didn't intend to be part of the series, but with my last update during March, I knew I had to write something to get me in the mood once more And thank you to wingingphrases  for beta-ing for me! God knows how much I used the word "strawberry" in this fic. Enjoy!

“Kyoko Sasagawa sent this over as a present for both of you, and she sends her greetings along with Tsunayoshi Sawada-sama and the other Vongola Guardians.”

It was what Kusakabe said about the white box tied with a red ribbon and now the two birthday celebrants sat face to face on the table, a steaming cup of tea, and a small dessert plate with a slice of strawberry shortcake each.

Two layers of soft, light sponge cake separated by a strip of whipped cream mixed with sliced strawberries, the sides coated by sweet vanilla icing and strawberry syrup. The whole heavenly confection was crowned with a whole, large strawberry, looking pristine and juicy in the light.

It was where Hibari’s eyes was fixed on as his fork immediately descended towards the fruit; he was never fond of sweet things, but he always eats the strawberry on top of a cake.

Closer now…closer…the fork is nearing the skin…He can almost taste it…

Wait, Where was his strawberry?

He looks up to see his older self’s self-satisfied smirk as he bit bites onto the strawberry--his strawberry--and swallowed it right in front of him. And now here comes the urge to stab this man to death for eating his precious fruit.


Older Hibari chuckled softly at his younger self’s indignant sputtering as he speared the strawberry on top of his own cake and waved it tauntingly at him. It became a favorite pastime for him to annoy the teenager to death just to see the expressions that he makes.

"Do you want this? Then you'll have to get it from me," he said and gently bites on to one end of the fruit, removing the fork so it was just sitting there in his mouth.

"I-I'll definitely bite you to death later...!" the young one hissed between gritted teeth as he leaned across the table, closer to his older self. If he was careful enough, it wouldn't have to lead to something embarrassing, he will have his strawberry back and he'll have a nice sparring match afterwards.
A few inches more and Hibari's lips were finally wrapped around the strawberry, trying to get much of it in his mouth while avoiding contact from the older Hibari's lips. His eyes were downcast as he was avoiding the intense gaze that was following his every move, and color has already risen to his cheeks. If he wrenches free now...

Hibari was surprised as he felt a warm, soft pressure on his lips, and then he realized that his older self was now kissing him. His eyes shot open as his first instinct was to push him away, and maybe give the man a sharp whack on the head with his tonfa. No one can touch Hibari Kyoya, no one, nobody on earth can do that and still be alive.

Yet now, he was leaning into the kiss, adding more pressure by pressing his lips a bit harder on the older Hibari's mouth, his eyes closing. The strawberry stuck in between their mouths was leaking some of it's juice and adding the sweet, tangy flavor to the kiss. It was the same thing that he felt when they first pressed their lips together through a sheet of glass, yet this is something more. He can actually feel the warmth, the soft skin, the smallest intake of breath...
Suddenly, it was all over, as older Hibari pushed the rest of the strawberry inside his younger self's mouth with his tongue. He pulls away, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and drinks his tea as if nothing happened. He raised his eyebrow as the teenager glared menacingly at him.
"Did I do something wrong?"
Hibari just kept chewing on his strawberry, blushing furiously, "Kamikoroshu..."
"...Otanjoubi omedetou, Kyoya." the older Hibari smirked as he started eating his cake. 
That day, strawberries became a little bit more delicious.
Vivien: Heartezcap1st on May 7th, 2011 12:41 pm (UTC)
So... so overwhelmingly sweet! Fufu, older!18 is so cunning~